A.††††††††††† Personal Data Protection Policy


This document is to set down how Universal Terminal manages personal data (which is subject to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012).Please take a moment to read this Data Protection Policy so that you know and understand the purposes for which we collect, use and disclose your personal data.


B.††††††††††† Personal Data Protection


Your personal data privacy is important to us and Universal Terminal will adopt reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorised access to your personal data and ensure that the same is kept confidential and secure.

C.††††††††††† Notification, Collection and Purpose of Use


(1)     For visitors/contractors/suppliers/vendors/delivery staff


Universal Terminal collects, uses and discloses your personal data for:-


i)                     obtaining security clearance from JTC which may include but not limited to any law enforcement agency, statutory board, government regulator, government authority for the pass application prior to entry into Jurong Island; and


ii)                   for administrative, entry access and security clearance prior to entry into Universal Terminalís premises (and for attending the in-house Safety Induction Course, if applicable).


(2)     For existing staff


Universal Terminal collects, uses and discloses your personal data for managing your employment (and such personal data may be shared with other related companies) which may include but not be limited to the following:-


i)                     administering and facilitating payment of your salary, claims and/or reimbursements to your bank account;


ii)†††††††††††† making applications to the relevant agencies/firms/companies on your behalf for any training courses, conferences, seminars;


††††††††††††††† iii)††††††††††† processing employment pass applications, visa applications;


iv)††††††††††† obtaining reference checks from your ex-employers or providing reference checks to your future employers and if necessary, governmental and quasi-government bodies, including but not limited to IRAS, MOM and CPF Board;


v)†††††††††††† tax filing purposes;


vi)††††††††††† security purposes, including but not limited to closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems in the companyís premises which may capture your image and communication;


vii)†††††††††† arranging key installation visits and work-related travel, including the arrangement of flights, accommodations and visas, when necessary.


(3)     For candidate seeking employment


Universal Terminal collects, uses and discloses your personal data for the following purposes and by submitting to us your resume/curriculum vitae, you are deemed to have given consent to us to use, disclose and/or share your personal data with any of our related companies:-


i)                     conducting interviews;


ii)                   processing your application (including pre-recruitment checks involving your qualifications);


iii)                  providing or obtaining employee references and for background screening;


iv)                  processing employment pass applications. visa applications and letter of appointment;


v)                   evaluating and assessing your suitability for the position applied for; and


vi)                  any other purpose relating to any of the above.


***†††††††† Please note the following:



D.††††††††††† Consent


By giving your personal data, you consent to Universal Terminal collecting, using and disclosing your personal data for the purposes (as applicable to you) described above.


E.†††††††††††† Accuracy


You are to ensure that all personal data given is accurate and complete and please be further advised that providing false information in the application for the purpose described in item C (1)(i) above may be an offence under Section 182 of the Penal Code Chapter 224, punishable by imprisonment for up to 1 year, or fine of up to $5000, or both.

F.†††††††††††† Retention


The personal data given shall be retained as long as the purpose for which it was collected remains and until it is no longer necessary for any other legal or business purposes and subject also to Universal Terminalís internal policies.


G.††††††††††† Contacting us Ė Access and Correction of your personal data


For any and all matters regarding our policies and practices and for access and correction to your personal data, kindly contact:

Data Protection Officer

61 Meranti Crescent

Singapore 627807

Email:†††† dpo@universalterminal.com.sg






**†††††††††† This Personal Data Protection Policy may be updated or revised from time to time to ensure that it is consistent with our future developments, industry trends and/or any changes in legal or regulatory requirements.Kindly check our website regularly for updated information on our website on the handling of your personal data.